The Chola Cuencana

Do you want to know more about our toys with identity?

The Chola Cuencana’s outfit is traditional and emblematic. It is full of color and denotes elegance. Made with fine materials that give its classic image and features.

Blouse: It has multiple embroidered details and lace embellishments that are not limited to the characteristic white shade of the garment but vary in color. 

Skirts: Better known as pollera, these are garments made of wool or velvet in different colors such as red, orange, green, purple or fuchsia. They are intricately embroidered, generally along the hem, in the form of flowers with different colors and patterns.

Shawl: known as macana, made by artisans in the canton of Gualaceo, in the Azuay province. The term macana comes from the word “mengikat” which means “to tie.” They are made using ancient techniques on a loom. 

Hat: Made with paja toquilla, it is a traditional hat: hand-woven, high-topped, short-winged and usually decorated with a red cloth ribbon or other colors that match the outfit.

Jewelry: In the ears she wears large candonga earrings made of gold, pearls and precious stones in proportion to the social prestige of the bearer. These jewels can be purchased in the canton of Chordeleg, located in the Azuay province. in addition, rings and necklaces are also common.

Footwear: called alpargatas. They are tied around the ankle. 

Her partner: The Cholo Cuencano

The cholo, known as longo, was never as representative of the cultural and social scene as was his wife. Lacking the bright colors and adornments of the women, the cholo often went unnoticed. Today, he is depicted in traditional dances in a wardrobe consisting of shorts, a poncho, sandals and a hat, which is not his typical costume but rather a reflection of how he should dress to match the brilliance of his wife. 

He is seen carrying capuli.

We invite you to travel with these dolls, share them with your family and kids. If you purchase them to be a decorative article in your home, my wish for you is that every time you see them you remember that they are strong and resilient and so are you. If you buy them for your kids, tell them about the tradition that they hold.

The Chola Cuencana Doll Set


Dolls are sold together (1 cholo and 1 chola). For special orders of only cholos or cholas, please contact

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